PINECREST (CBSMiami) — No matter the age, you are never too young to get moving, and a group of kindergarten students at Palmetto Elementary School in Pinecrest are proving just that.

These young children move to the beat of the letters and dance to give their brains a break. That’s what their teacher Mrs. Meghan Burns has taught them.

“We are a healthy initiative school so we work with the E Play Succeed model and try to keep our kids moving as much as possible, I usually don’t have them sitting for more than 20 minutes,” said Mrs. Burns.

Mrs. Burns, who has been a teacher for eight years, says she has always incorporated exercise routines into her lesson plan.

“It is better to learn how to count and read while standing up and moving around rather than sitting on a chair,” she explained.

As they learn their letters and words the little ones’ stretch. They also squat as they count and do sit ups and run in place while reading words.

“It helps me feel good,” said one of the students.

As part of the Moving U campaign, CBS4’s Marybel Rodriguez went to Palmetto Elementary School to meet Mrs. Burns and her students and learn a few new moves.

“You can pretty much take anything they learn and make it fun or moving things like that when we do spelling we do spelling dance instead of just doing it in their seats and instead of counting numbers we do jumping jacks with them,” said Mrs. Burns.

There is never a dull moment in Mrs. Burns kindergarten class, not only are the kids learning, but they are also moving and burning off energy.

“You notice a difference in their attitude and just the way they laugh and smile and have fun during the day,” she said.

The kids love every minute of it.

“It makes it really fun,” said student Julia Encinosa. “It’s like playing ball but counting.”

“I think we have to remember they are 5-year-olds and they have to move around so we use play,” said Mrs. Burns.  She encourages all teachers no matter the grade level as well as parents to have their children stretch, move around and take breaks while learning.

Mrs. Burns uses, a free website from Nicklaus Children’s Hospital for some of her exercise routines.  She also goes to, a website that provides resources created by teachers for teachers.  Both websites are accessible to parents and teachers.

Remember, CBS4 wants to know what’s Moving U. Email your story to and let us know what you’re doing to stay healthy and happy. Perhaps what moves you will inspire others as well!


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